Caltex Oil Tools

Caltex Oil Tools is a solutions focused business providing equipment rentals, services, and bespoke engineering capabilities across both onshore and offshore oilfield operations. Established in 2000 originally as a downhole tooling and service business, it has evolved to be at the forefront of the industry offering transformative solutions for its customers.

Onshore Services

Caltex has a global track record supporting downhole fishing problems in the Rocky Mountains, Gulf Coast, California, Middle East, North Sea, South, and Central America possessing an excellent reputation for it’s ability to perform under the tough conditions of deep drilling and well servicing. Caltex prides itself in its ability for rapid response support 24 Hours a day, 365 days per year.

Offshore Services

While supporting the offshore sector since its inception in 2000, Caltex bolstered its capabilities in the subsea market in 2017 by introducing subsea experts and technology to cater to the demand for high quality, rapid response, services and rentals across the full life of field. Subsea services include equipment and personnel to support vessel based precommissioning, controls, completions, intervention, and decommissioning activities.

Consultancy services

Caltex has in–house industry experts available to support customers projects for a wide range of operations onshore and onshore ranging from down hole fishing, light well intervention, offshore construction, vessel based IMR, remote technologies, diverless intervention, and decommissioning services. This diverse range of technical expertise can be leveraged to ensure customers receive the highest quality and most efficient solutions for their operations.

Engineered Solutions

In order to provide high quality, fast response, engineered solutions, Caltex has a team of full time engineers and designers with a “hands on” operational focus coupled with in house manufacturing, assembly, and testing capabilities. This integrated engineering focus ensures customers receive the highest quality practical solutions for their specific applications..


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We provide specialty solutions for oil & gas operators and contractors.
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“specialty solutions for oil & gas operators and contractors.”

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