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Caltex Oil Tools Handling Tools, Power Tongs, Triplex Pumps, Hydraulic Pumps. Rental Equipment are Casing and Pipe Handling Tools....Caltex Sells and Rents Elevators, Slips, Safety Clamps. TRI-PLEX PUMPS Tri-plex Pumps....Well Service Pumps with Manifold and Tank. Power Tongs.....High Torque Tubing Tongs Hydraulic Power Units.....Diesel and Electric Tong Units, pressures and volumes up to 100 GPM @ 3000 PSI


Key Benefits


The Well Doctor is in. We stock the RX for your sick Production well and can surgically fix your drilling and W/O ailments.


Caltex Oiltools provide reliable and time saving services specialty solutions for oil & gas operators and contractors


We are a small company but we can outperform the Fortune 500 Companies or tie their services in there best race to provide cost correct services with little or no down or waiting time.

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Caltex Oiltools has reflecting customer satisfaction with the product and services received

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