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The Well Doctor

Caltex Oil Well Service Group has been trained on the worlds fishing problems, with experience in the Rocky Mountains, Gulf Coast, California, Middle East, North Sea, South and Central America.We have an excellent reputation for our ability to perform under the tough conditions of deep drilling and offshore well service, and for our ability to be able load and go far almost any situation 24 Hours a day year round.


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One stop Service Stop

The Well Doctor is in. We stock the RX for your sick Production well and can surgically fix your drilling and W/O ailments.

Save your time

Caltex Oiltools provide reliable and time saving services specialty solutions for oil & gas operators and contractors

Save your Money

We are a small company but we can outperform the Fortune 500 Companies or tie their services in there best race to provide cost correct services with little or no down or waiting time.

Offshore Services

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